Monday, August 31, 2009


The 6ths
Asks Asps
Release Date: October 20
Label: Nonesuch

[1] And Didn't We Have Fun (w/ Agnetha Faltskog)
[2] Sunspots on the Moon (w/ Andy Bell)
[3] Learning Not to Love You (w/ Daryl Hall)
[4] Wish You Were Me (w/ Terence Trent D'Arby)
[5] The Day of Your Ceremony (w/ Alan Sparhawk)
[6] He Done Him Wrong (w/ Torquil Campbell)
[7] Rainshowers (w/ Poly Styrene)
[8] I Waited For You to Bring Me A Cat (w/ Satomi Matsuzaki)
[9] She Asks Asps the Way to Aspen (w/ Martin Phillipps)
[10] Losing Ampersands (w/ Alison Moyet)
[11] Thorn In My Neck (w/ Patrick Wolf)
[12] I Don't (w/ Sam Phillips)
[13] Feathers (Where Your Head Should Be) (w/ Alison Shaw)
[14] Museums Could Be Us (w/ Michelle Phillips)
[15] Ages & Pages (w/ Steve Harley)

Note: This will be the third album by The 6ths. Guest vocalists sing the songs of Stephin Merritt.