Friday, August 14, 2009


As promised:

"That reply has broken my heart."

"What does it all mean, that's what I ask myself in my ceaseless quest for ultimate truth."

"Come and kiss me darling, before your body rots, and worms pop in and out of your eye sockets."

Q: "What sorts of books does she write?"
A: "Two sorts. Rather whimsical children's stories about enchanted woods filled with highly conversational flora and fauna, and enthusiastic biographies of minor royalties."

"I long ago came to the conclusion that nothing has ever been definitely proved about anything."

"Supernatural grandmother!"

"She was convalescing after pneumonia and one evening she started to laugh helplessly at one of the BBC musical programmes and died of a heart attack."

"I don't see that you could have hoped to have achieved anything by it beyond the immediate joke of making Charles into a sort of astral bigamist."

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