Thursday, March 20, 2014

Multiple Choice

Which of these should I have fired out onto the internet yesterday as my hasty response to an article that requires limited response, if any at all?

a. Just gonna casually mention that in my household we love music, but the one of us who reads music is not the one who writes about music.
b. How much must a music writer know about neurology?
c. The funniest part is that by dismissing Daft Punk as a gimmick Gioia misses out on an album that would meet his demands for harmonic nuance.
d. Thanks for trying to ignite a debate, but this is a conversation we already had.

It’s been a great couple of days to be a music writer, to watch as everyone rallies with principled responses to irrelevant, powerful attacks on their professions, and then moves on. These people know their stuff. Here are the ones I looked at:

AS (quoting Mencken; personally I find this line of thinking most helpful)
SFJ (re-linking an old piece, on pgs. 5-6)

I leave you with this excellent parody of nostalgic hysteria from Randy Newman:

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