Monday, April 29, 2013


I’ve been absent from this blog recently, and that’s probably not going to change. Another month is about to slip away, so this post is only a placeholder until I have time to write some paragraphs on important topics (life after Ebert, approaches to music, awe of musicians and even halfway decent karaoke singers, ideas for stories, the inherent evil of realizing them, the recurrent objects of town photography, more). Check back for that long addendum soon, I promise (as I’ve promised before to varying degrees of credibility). As soon as this blog hits the five-year mark (in June!; I’ll commemorate the occasion somehow), I’m happy to let it become whatever it becomes and use it only as needed, but until then, a couple more times, I’m adamant that something appears here every month.

Also in May

New music: Deerhunter, John Grant, Daft Punk
Live music: Handsome Family and Sad Baby Wolf album release shows, Built To Spill, Big Boi
Movies: Star Trek, Great Gatsby, Upstream Color, The General (to be my first Keaton in a theater!)
Out of town: Tucson/Phoenix
Photos: plants and houses, etc.
Sun: hot

See the viewing log.

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