Friday, August 26, 2011

Everyone will return to the weather of their youth

Hi from Montana!

Upon further reflection, I have no interest in hosting mp3s on this blog, so, having new means to make tapes, I’m sticking to my original scheme. Here’s another taste of what you’ll be missing if you don’t act now… “Great songs expertly arranged, a mix for the seasons and beyond the seasons!” –R.H.

it’s so good to see you again … King of Everything … the warp and the wooze and the subterfuge … what’s inside a girl like me … as the sky gets nearer so does time … self-indulgent details … all the girls with broken hearts dancing to Orchestral Manoeuvres … [vow] … strangest Autumn heat … oh, if you stay … the house we never owned

Green trees call to me … one single sheet for cover … swept into the cast of a past December … bury us with our ships … I wanna write my whole life down … looking in my mirror took me by surprise … pillow for the bad dreams … as far as I’d seen life was endless … a lock of your hair … all the tales, mythic noise … purple and red and yellow and on fire

steep waves breaking the only sound … it could all be a dream, Green … passing time in ninety-nine degrees … the sea rushes up my knees like flame … eating at McDonald’s for lunch … your death at sea is obvious and fascinating to me … we were only young … you’re still her friend … feeling like a woman, looking like a man … the way I’ve seen it written in the clouds … give out your number now!


Despite what I wrote above, mp3s for Side 3 will still be made available to mixtape subscribers.

Photos inspired by the ones on display at Confessions of a Michael Stipe, a casual, accidental, non-professional ("complete with beach camera smudge!"), flash-happy and artful series of observations. I love summer, too, and hope to find that loving seasonlessness is the same thing, or similar.

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