Tuesday, March 30, 2010

You Can Go Home, Again, Or: Keep The Spoons Clean

Things I did in St. Paul:

-Fulfilled my dream of reading Joe Brainard on a city bus (New Work, 1973).

-Remembered how there’s nothing more depressing than cable news in bus stations.

-Other people’s dishes.

-In Chester Brown’s I Never Liked You, found a sort of doppelganger, a kindred spirit who also endured the torment of being told to “say fuck” by classmates, a torture at least a little better than being asked to “smile” or “not be so quiet,” as it shows a certain respect for Chester’s innate goodness.

-Joined a folk-rock duo:

What next?

-A sequence of stark micro-stories?

-Start a Mega Upload account and share some old compositions?

-My proposal for a 33 1/3 book about My Favorite’s The Happiest Days Of Our Lives, plus an appreciation of John Darnielle’s Master Of Reality?

-A track-by-track look at Lady Gaga’s The Fame Monster [Deluxe]?

-A trip to Spindle Nation?

-Flyers for my top ten imaginary concerts, and/or covers for my top ten imaginary albums?

-What I’m reading, with commentary?

Tell me what you’d like to see.


aaron said...

what is spindle nation? no clues on the internet

not sure what mega upload is either. everything sounds good, but flyers seems especially cool.

aaron said...

"On their wistful, sometimes irreverent Unhalfbirding, the Brothers Cardinale return to basics with an album of jangling folk-pop. Reduced to a duo after the death of drummer Rick Halogen, UHB contains few surprises, but plenty of ornithological cross sections."

Geoff said...

"Rick's twin brother Rock has always been a nimble picker, and his banjo playing on UHB is unrivaled in the Cardinale catalog."

I'm keeping Spindle Nation under wraps for now. I didn't realize I was so close to finding a Google-buster.

Hope everyone's able to view both of your comments. I had trouble publishing both.